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Diplopia in the Elderly/Diplopia after Cataract Surgery 


Esotropia ACBO 2020 Click here to watch the lecture

Nystagmus Decoded - Vertical Head Posture Management  

What's new in Paedriatic Ophthalmology and Strabismus AAPOS 2019 

AAO Paediatric Subspecialty Day 12th October 2019, San Francisco


Optometry  Lecture 2018

Abnormal Head Posture: A new look @ an old problem-NIPOSS/CYBERSIGHT 2019

Vertical Strabismus Radiology-Poster RANZCO 2017

   Horizontal Strabismus Radiology-Poster RANZCO 2017

Inferior Oblique Radiology-Poster RANZCO 2017

Nystagmus Eye Movement Recordings -Poster RANZCO 2017

Cataract Surgery and Diplopia - RANZCO 2017

Lateral Rectus Heterotopy-Poster RANZCO 2017

Difficult Strabismus - XT Duanes 2017  presented at AAPOS 2017

Amblyopia 2018- Annual meeting of Australian College of Optometry

Primer on Palsies 2017

Childhood Strabismus 2017

Management of Aquired Unilateral 4th CN Palsy

Convergence Insufficency in Parkinson's disease

 ARVO-Asia, Brisbane, Feb 2017. Strabismus Update

Convergence Excess Esotropia- Dr A Zipori

Acquired Esotropia in a myopic middle aged female.

Adjustable Faden procedure

Congenital Esotropia

Ditropan associated Esotropia

Chiari & Strabismus



Head Tilt

Heroin & Strabismus

Nystagmus Overview

OCT in Amblyopia

Overview of strabismus for pediatric neurologists

PEDIG: How to treat amblyopia

Phospoline Iodide & Esotropia

Progression of Myopia

Pulley Suture

Strabismus Reoperation

Strabismus Overview

The Yokoyama Procedure

Journal Club - Duane's

Botox Audit

Consecutive Exotropia

Consecutive Exotopia Long lecture

Heavy Eye

Predicting Axial Length

Post Cataract Surgery Diplopia (French)

Refractive Surgery and Diplopia

Muscle Palsy ISA

Challenging Exotropia

Epiretinal membrane & exodeviation

Holmes et al. IXT ESA 2007

Imaging in Strabismus RANZCO 2007


Acoustic neuroma


What's really new (2004)

Strabismus surgery overview(optometrists)

Presentation to Perth BV Group November 2007

Superior Oblique Palsy Mechanism of Duane's
World Ophthalmic Congress Hong Kong 2008 Anti-ganglioside antibodies
Medial Rectus Pulley Suture video (Large File size) Amblyopia Treatment -2009 Also available in PDF Format
Sensory causes of diplopia', Poster @ Asian ARVO, Hyderabad, January 2009


GP Case Study

Lecture to 4th Year Optometry students 2010

AAPOS What's new in 2010



Amblyopia Hot Topics


Abnormal Retinal Corespondence BMR vs RR
Aniseikonia Congenital ET
Superior Oblique Palsy Principles of supior Oblique Palsy Overview Movie

Squint Club 2008

High Hyperopia and Esotropia  


Bahrain 2009

Congenital Nystagmus Pulley Sutures
Consecutive XT  

Squint Club 2009

Aniseikonia ARC

Ophthalmic Nurses 2009

Strabismus and Amblyopia  


Neuro Ophthalmology Society of Australia, Neurovision section, September 2009

Congenital Nystagmus

British Isles Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Association September 2009 Glasgow

Roger Trimble Memorial Lecture 2009 : Expanding the repertoire – New techniques for the strabismus surgeon Amblyopia Treatment using ACRONYMS

ACBO 2009

LK was guest speaker for Australian College of Behavioural Optometry at their recent conference in Brisbane.
He gave 3 talks:
1 Pathological Myopia
2 Infant Hyperopia
3.What we know about Myopia

LK presented 'Strabismus Case Presentations' @ RANZCO, Brisbane, November

RANZCO 2010 Adelaide

Aniseikonia Pulley Suture
Strabismus and the Elderly Convergence Xs and Pulley Suture


LVPEI Hyderabad 2012


Acquired Nystagmus Fusion Head Tilts
Fusion Re-operations Lost Muscles
Myopia Progression Management of Strabismus in Trauma

Feburary 21, 2012


Amblyopia- The Next Decade Lecture given by Dr Ben Thompson Graves' Orbitopathy Lecture given by Dr Mourits
Cataract Surgery and Diplopia Lecture given by Dr Kowal


Australian Vision Convention 2012


Strabismus Cases Amblyopia Treatment

AANZ Squint Club 2012

Cataract Surgery and Diplopia Superior Rectus Slippage

Alumunus Meeting  MArch 2012


Acute Et after recent diarrhoea

Horizontal & Vertical diplopia odf uncertain cause

Australian College of Optometry Continiuing Education September 2012


Amblyopia and Strabismus - Latest  

Dr Kowal recently attended the World Congress of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus [WCPOS] in Milan 2012.

Dr Kowal is a member of the Scientific Committee of the WCPOS.

Dr Kowal also tutored ophthalmologists in strabismus surgery techniques in a 'Wet Lab'.

A copy of his talks:


Brown's Syndrome Superior Oblique Palsy
Smoking Parents Botox in TED
Duane's Syndrome  

Latin American Congress of Strabismus 2013


Pulley Surgery  Strabismus and Refractive Surgery




Why do BMR's fail? Muscle resection. Is Muscle  Plication a good or better alternative
Childhood Diplopia  Thyriod Eye Disease
Cataract Surgery & Diplopia  




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