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Lecture notes

Dr. Kowal's Strabismus Lecture notes

Nystagmus- Spielmann textbook exerpt

Carlos Souza-Dias textbook excerpt

Oblique null

Superior Oblique Surgery A

Superior Oblique Surgery B

The "Oblique Kestenbaum" procedure revisited- Annette Speilmann

Vision Training in children with reading difficulties: one scientific opinion.


Eye muscle problems in children and Adults-  By Burton J. Kushner, MD


Teacher Lecture - Dutton et al


Nystagmus- Associated Ocular-systemic Conditions and Discussion-Lionel Kowal


Atropine for the Prevention of Myopia Progression in Children


Issues with Strabismus – Lionel Kowal. Description: David Granet interviews Lionel Kowal.


 External Information Websites


AAPOS- American Association Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

AAPOS FAQ's- List of many eye conditions with related information.

AAO- American Academy of Ophthalmology

CERA- Centre for  Eye Research Australia news

CEF - Childrens Eye Foundation


STRABISMUS-Strabismus Minute

RVEEH- Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne

'CHECK' Program on Ophthalmology

RANZCO- Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmology

NANOS- North American Neuro Ophthalmology Society

Australian Neuro Ophthalmology Centre


St Vincent's Private East Melbourne

eye4kids - excellent interactive website with easy to navigate information on various eye conditions.

Albinism Fellowship of Australia

Albinism Information

Nystagmus- Further reading

A central service linking many areas of ophthalmology:

Movies of Paediatric Eye Surgery

Botox - general information


Blepherospasm Injection video

Adult Strabismus Video

General Medical Information

RANZCO-Patient information

Little Four Eyes

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