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"Strabismus surgery is by no means an exact science. The outcome of surgery depends partly on measurements, partly on the experience and intuition of the surgeon, and very much on the healing capacity and fusion status of the patient. The goal of surgery is to align the eyes with the fewest procedures; however, the surgeon may encounter surprises when the patient recovers from surgery. The same amount of surgery for the same angle of deviation will yield different results in different patients, often for no obvious reason. This is especially true for long-standing complicated strabismus, re-operations, innervational abnormalities , restrictive myopathies, or following injuries to the eye." David G Hunter Pediatric Ophthalmology 2009

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Please feel free to print them out and bring them along to your appointment. Our Clinical staff will gladly answer any questions in relation to these handouts.

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Briannah's Book - patient prepared picture book about her operation adventure.
Gabriel's Eye Surgery Adventure - a book written about a boy's experience.
Kara's visit to the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital.
Noah's Eye Surgery Experience


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